Tortured Heroes ‘R’ Us

one-reckless-summer_largeI don’t know about you, but I love a tortured hero. And as a writer of contemporary romance, I often hear from readers that they are surprised to find my heroes are so tortured, and they go on to say they usually find those types of guys in historicals or paranormals. I will admit I was unaware of that until I heard it a few times – but what can I say? Making my heroes suffer just comes naturally to me. ; )

In my current release, ONE RECKLESS SUMMER (the first book in my new Destiny series), Mick Brody ranks right up there as one of the most tortured guys I’ve ever written. Mick had a very rough home life growing up, with abusive parents and a dangerous older brother who drew Mick down a dark path, but the worst thing for Mick is that when the story begins, he has a big, big, life-or-death-size secret – and it becomes an even bigger problem for him when the heroine, Jenny Tolliver, finds out. Of course, I can’t tell you what the secret is, but I hope you’ll pick up the book and find out for yourself. That’s right – beneath that beautifully relaxing summery cover (I love it and can’t quit looking at it) lurks some very emotional stuff.

So who are some of your favorite tortured heroes? And why do you love them? From book, movie, or TV, what agonized hero makes you just ache for him?

And meanwhile, if you want to learn more about ONE RECKLESS SUMMER, just visit me online at, where you can read an excerpt and learn more about the book.

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