Sophie Jordan -- Dazed by Kerrelyn Sparks and Mysterious 'Guest.'

sinsofawickedduke_250And now, it’s my turn to interrogate the victim…er, guest.  I’ve asked sexy Scottish vamp Connor Buchanan to stop by and zap Sophie Jordan with some vampire mind control.  There he goes!  Sophie is looking lovely, but dazed and completely motionless in her comfy chair. She is totally under our control.  Back off, Connor! No biting!  Now, Sophie dear, you will answer these five questions…


1) What is your favorite color?

Now, don’t give me that look. I have often heard you refer to your historical romances by color, calling SURRENDER TO ME the purple book and ONE NIGHT WITH YOU the green book, and so forth. All your books have had beautiful covers. Which one was your favorite?  And what color is your new release, SINS OF A WICKED DUKE? (Bwahahaha! That was more than one question. But you are under my control, and there is nothing you can do about it.)


Hmm, okay, let’s see … It’s funny, but I do think of my historical romances by color. And thank you, Connor – I have been blessed with the greatest covers!


There’s my first cover, the white one. Then the red one. Then the green one (probably my favorite because I like green so much). Then the purple one, and now, again, a red one, SINS OF A WICKED DUKE, my newest release. Granted, the red cover for SINS OF A WICKED DUKE is a different shade of red than the red cover of TOO WICKED TO TAME, so in my mind it’s not the same red at all, and it’s definitely my husband’s favorite cover, but that might have something to do with the heroine on the cover that looks like she’s have a grand ol’ time all by herself under that sheet!


2) Your Sophie Jordan books are set in England and Scotland. Have you done any research trips there?


The last time I was in England, I was a teenager, so I haven’t done any official research trips since I became a career writer … but even then, London and those castles served as fodder for my imagination. Now, if you would like to accompany me to your homeland, Connor …


3) You write lush, sensual historical romances as Sophie Jordan and dark, suspenseful paranormal thrillers as Sharie Kohler.  Is it difficult switching from one to the other?  Do you have a different writing process for the two different subgenres?  Do you sometimes forget which name is your real one?


I don’t have a hard time switching. By the time I’ve completed one manuscript, I’m ready to jump into something different. Going back and forth works out well and keeps me fresh.


I work on one novel straight through at a time. If I have an idea for a book in the “other” genre, I just jot down some notes, then keep going on the book with the looming deadline. Yes, a revision letter or copyedits may come in for a book in one genre while I’m working on a book in the other. Then, I have no choice but to stop and get those revisions/edits done, then dive back into the WIP.


As for the names, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to responding to both. Makes life interesting.


4) Are your historicals and paranormals related to each other? Is there an order they should be read in?


Given that my paranormals are contemporary, they don’t relate to my historical romances … well, they relate in degree of “emotion” and “heat”. Both are pretty sexy, and I find that the steam factor registers pretty equally across both genres for me. My paranormals are part of a series though, so I recommend reading those in order of publication.


5) Dukes, earls, ladies, hunters, werewolves—are there any other people or creatures you would like to write about?


Well, I’m introducing witches into my paranormals. Don’t you know they started the whole werewolf curse?


And I’m interested in dragons … so who knows where that will lead. Basically, I’m game for anything. Who knows what the future holds?


6) Which authors do you like to read?  What great books have you read lately? What is the velocity of an airborne swallow transporting a coconut?  (Bwahahaha!)


Oh, you are evil! I’ll tackle the first question:


Aside of Kerrelyn Sparks and other great paranormal authors like Lara Adrian, I read across all genres, but especially young adult. I enjoyed TWILIGHT and loved, loved, loved THE HUNGER GAMES. I’m enjoying Lisa McMann’s FADE right now – already having devoured WAKE, book one of her series. As for contemporary romance, my new favorite is Kristan Higgins. Her books are wonderful. See, if I’m not careful I can get lost in reading instead of writing … yes, I can be bad, too, Connor!


7) Your new book SINS OF A WICKED DUKE is selling like crazy, so it’s time to celebrate!  What kind of restaurant do you want to go to?  French, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Mexican, or something else? And can I come, too?


Yay! Well, I am a Texas girl, so maybe we should find a Tex-Mex joint. I’m up for some margaritas. But I do have this garlic around my neck — which didn’t do a lot of good here against you, my you’re sitting awful close! — so maybe Italian food. We can crush the garlic into the dipping sauce for our bread.



Thank you, Sophie!  Soon, Connor will release you from his vampire mind control.  You will have no memory of this interrogation, especially the part where we made you to do the chicken dance.


Whew! Thank you, Kerrelyn … and er, Connor.

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