Sophie Jordan and Kerrelyn Sparks Interrogate Each Other and Live to Talk about It! Part I



Happy release week everyone! I braved a visit with Kerrelyn Sparks, New York Times bestselling author of the Love At Stake series. Given the company she keeps, I came prepared with a garlic necklace. Sit back, relax … just don’t sit downwind.

1) Hi, Kerrelyn! SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE is your sixth book in the Love at Stake series. Each book in your series has a wonderful twist! What’s the “twist” in this one?


This one has a character twist with the hero. Giacomo (Jack) is the illegitimate son of Casanova, so everyone assumes he’s a legendary lover like his father. As a young mortal man, Jack has the misfortune of running into three vampire women. When they find out he’s a Casanova, they capture and transform him so they can keep him forever as their love slave.  You can imagine their disappointment when they discover he’s a virgin! And being transformed against his will and held prisoner in a dungeon certainly didn’t put him in an amorous mood.  So they toss him out, and Jack is left with one of his secrets– self-doubt when it comes to his sexual prowess. Fortunately, he’ll get over that when he meets the right woman!


There’s also a plot twist involving a strange vampire cult, but I can’t reveal more than that. You’ll just have to read the book!
2) What do you think is so sexy about vampires?


They’re the ultimate bad boys. They do all the things your mother told you not to do: they sleep all day, party all night, and play with their food. The vamp hero is the loner, the outcast, the sexy guy who’s misunderstood but needs to be loved. And they make wonderful husbands!  They never expect you to cook, they never snore, and they can last all night long.
3) Any chance you might introduce a hero or heroine that is not a vampire or human … hmmm, say another paranormal entity?


Your wish is my command! FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH A VAMPIRE, which releases April 28th, features my first werewolf hero!  Phil is an Alpha wolf who falls for a vampire woman named Vanda. When Vanda is ordered by her coven to undergo anger management therapy, Phil becomes her sponsor.  Who’s better equipped than Phil to teach her how to tame the inner beast? And boy howdy, is Phil equipped….
4) Can you entice readers by telling us what are you working on now?


I just finished making two book trailers. You can find SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE on YouTube at The video for FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH A VAMPIRE will release March 13th.  And I’m working on book 8 of the Love at Stake series, this one starring one of those sexy Scottish vamps, Robby MacKay.
5) What favorite “guilty-pleasure-munchy” do you enjoy while you write?


Unfortunately, I have a long list of guilty-pleasure munchies, and it shows.  My favorites are nuts (mostly cashews and almonds), cheese, fruit, and chocolate.


(Look for part II of this interview tomorrow, when Kerry turns the tables on Sophie!)

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