5 Questions with Teresa Medeiros

wildsmallRecently Kathryn Smith became obsessed with finding out more about Teresa Medeiros, who she considers one of her favorite romance authors — and persons! So when the opportunity to interview the NYT bestselling author of this month’s Some Like it Wild, Kathryn jumped up and snatched it! Here’s what she asked, and what Teresa had to say…

KS: Some Like it Wild has a highwayman hero — certainly a favorite amongst romance readers. What do you think is the appeal of the highwayman?
TM: I think almost any outlaw has his romantic appeal, whether he be pirate, highwayman or western outlaw.  First of all, he can kidnap you and carry you away without risking a restraining order. And who doesn’t want to be the woman whose steadfast love coaxes him into her arms and away from a life of crime? 
KS: I know you’re a Buffy fan. Have any shows filled the void since BtVS went off air?
TM: I adore LOST so I guess I’d have to say that Sawyer has filled the snarky, vulnerable, anti-hero hole in my heart left by Spike.  One has a British accent and one a Southern drawl, but they’re both blond and irresistible! My other favorites at the moment are probably LOST and 24. I also just discovered VERONICA MARS on DVD and will have to say it’s probably the closest to Buffy in tone and my affections. Oh, and I’m in love with almost all of the guys on STARGATE: ATLANTIS! :)  
KS: Your books always have plenty of humor in them. Do you consider yourself a funny person?
TM: Humor was always a defense mechanism in our family so…yes.  
KS: So, your mind is sent back in time and put in the body of a 14 year old you. Knowing what you know now, who will it be: Donny or David? Puppy Love or a Partridge?
TM: Sigh, I still love me my SOUND MAGAZINE album by the Partridge Family and think David Cassidy was actually a pretty amazing vocal talent but Donny was my first love so and has turned out to be a wonderful human being and family man so I’d still have to stick with my Donny.
 KS: Russell Crowe called and wants to read one of your books. Which one would you volunteer to read aloud to him?
TM: Definitely YOURS UNTIL DAWN! I finished the book right before seeing MASTER AND COMMANDER and that’s when I realized Russell would have made an amazing Gabriel and developed the first stages of RCO (Russell Crowe Obsession).

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