Grand Dame of Historical Romance, Elizabeth Boyle recently bullied sweet-talked Kathryn Smith into sitting down for an interview, and here’s how it went:

EB: With Night after Night being the last of Brotherhood of Blood series, do you have any thoughts on why it is vampires are so bloody popular? No pun intended.

KS: Personally I think vampires suck. Pun intended. :-) Actually, I’ve given a lot of thought as to why vampires are so popular. I think it’s because you really can have ‘forever’ with a vampire. He’s the perfect tortured hero and the ultimate bad boy. He’s a protector but he’s also very vulnerable in so many ways. I think that’s the appeal — that and the overall incredible sexiness that comes with the job. And when you factor in that the heroine is actually a form of sustenance for him, literally keeping him alive, well…it’s a powerful fantasy, isn’t it?

EB:  What one thing would probably surprise people about you?

KS: I have an I.Q. of 150. LOL! Actually, I think what would surprise a lot of people is that I am very hard on myself. I’m constantly struggling with my self-worth and trying to like myself more. I really want to be one of those people who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t worry so much about what people might think. I guess I’m a work in progress.

EB: Give us a sneak peek into the new series, set in the Victorian times. What inspired this new series?

KS: The new series is actually more of a new ‘world’. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that a series can write you into a corner if you’re not careful with it and don’t leave yourself a lot of room. So with this new series, which loosely centers around a London club, I’m building a large group of reoccurring characters that will form the social landscape of the books. This way there will never be one character or one couple who I have to make the next book about. Even though the initial plan is to begin the series with a trilogy about brothers, there are already several characters I find interesting enough to have their own book. I like having room to pick and choose, and allow the characters to decide who should have their story told next.

As for inspiration, I’ve just fallen in love with the Victorian era. It lends itself to so much. I love that it was so rigid on the surface and so debauched underneath. There was so much roughness during that time, so much change in the world. It must have seemed like anything was possible, and I think that gives me so much to work with as a writer.

EB: Besides here, where can readers find you in the next few months?

KS: I’ll be blogging with the Romance Bandits on Feb 5th, and also with Yankee Romance Reviewers on the same day. Busy! I’m also going to be guesting at Romantic Times on their Ask the Author forum from the 9th til the 22nd. And I’ll be at the New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference in March.

EB: Let’s get to the really important question that all the readers are dying to know. Who’s funnier, me or Adele Ashworth?

KS: Well, there are just so many factors to consider! Now, Adele does compliment me more on a regular basis, but you really know how to make a few well placed ego-strokes work to advantage. Adele has let me sleep in her guest room, however. And since I’ve seen Adele first thing in the morning I’m going to have say its…a tie. Seriously, you didn’t think I’d answer that, did you? I like¬† my neck in one piece, thank you! ;-)

Where the Heart Leads

Kathryn Smith recently had a chance to chat with bestselling Avon Author Stephanie Laurens. Here’s what was said:

KS: When you were six years old, what was your life’s ambition?

SL: I’m not sure I had a “life ambition” at that age – I was very much in a “living in the moment” stage then. I do, however, know I used to write stories at that age. Not for anyone, not thinking I would be a writer, but just because. I never intended them for anyone else to read, I just used to have fun thinking up and writing stories.

KS: Who was your first ‘famous’ crush and what do you think of him now?

SL: First “famous” crush…I think it was the guy who played Illya Kuryakin in The Man from Uncle. David…was it Davil Ireland? I can still see him clearly in my mind, but clearly I have no memory for names! Not sure he’d make my top 10 list today – times, and the eye of the beholder–and the competition–have changed.

KS: When did you decide you wanted to become an author?

SL: I think it was after I had my 5th book published. Prior to that, I was just playing, doing something I enjoyed, and incidentally someone was paying me for it. Then, for completely unconnected reasons, I decided to “retire” from my scientific career, and so had lots of time on my hands and felt compelled to fill it in some way, so I thought I might as well put more focus on my stories and writing, and my writing career really expanded after that. I suppose the true answer to your question is never. I never “decided”–I just became one.

KS: What is your favorite scene in your latest book?

SL: In most of my books, the first scene when the hero and heroine meet is the one where things get “ooh! interesting…” Those scenes are my favorite to write, because there’s always a lot of promise, and an element of humor inherent in the set-up – so in WHERE THE HEART LEADS, it would be the opening scene of the book, in which Penelope Ashford talks Barnaby Adair into helping her find missing ophan boys, and in the new Cynster novel, TEMPTATION AND SURRENDER, it’s the scene where Emily goes to Jonas’s home, and gets him to hire her as manager of the local inn.

KS: If you were a single Regency miss and you could capture the attention of any of your heroes, who would you most want to have pursue you?

SL: That’s an easy question – Royce, Duke of Wolverstone, aka Dalziel – the hero in my August (late July!) release, the very last Bastion Club novel, MASTERED BY LOVE.

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